Accessible Home Selection

Regularly, individuals try to find an already built home that is accessible for their needs.  Accessible homes are few and never have I found one that works for the new buyer as well as it did for the person who left the home.  Also, the accessible home may not be in the neighborhood, school area or in proximity to work, shopping or church to suit the new buyers.  Hence, there is a need to modifying the all ready existing “accessible” home specifically and personally for the new buyers or to modify the “right” home for accessible needs of the new buyers.

Terry Ward Consulting, LLC, provide assessment, evaluation for multiple homes that the prospective buyers have identified as suitable.  Dr. Ward will identify the accessibility needs with the individual or family for each home and estimate the cost of modifying each home for the accessibility features needed.  This information is then used by the individual or family to finalize their home selection.  Then Terry Ward Consulting, LLC will follow through with the project management to bring about the needed accessibility and/or technology for living safely and as independently as possible.

Tallahassee Builders Association
Certified Aging-In-Place Specialist
Remodelers Council