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Terry Ward Consulting, LLC, offers consulting services to the legal industry to assist with case review and providing the most relevant expert witness testimony for attorney’s clients who are permanently injured and disabled.We offer our attorney clients more than 20 years of experience of working in human anatomy, accidents, biomechanics, personal injury, people with disabilities, life care plans for technology and accessibility.

Whether it is analyzing a slip and fall, or projecting the long-term technology and accessibility needs of a teenager who is now a quadriplegic Terry Ward Consulting, LLC, can provide you the expert opinion, written plans and courtroom testimony you need for representing your client’s best interest.

Depending on the individual client’s needs Terry Ward Consulting, LLC can redesign and home or office to be compatible with your client’s personal needs and wants.  Working with remodeling contractors to adapt a home or an architect or design a new home from the ground up are services that Terry Ward Consulting, LLC can provide you and your permanently injured client.

Appropriate accessible technology can make the difference for a person with a disability to be successful after injury or not.  Terry Ward Consulting, LLC has many years of experience working with people with disabilities designing and implementing technology for a person to be as independent as possible after rehabilitation from serious injury.

We welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your client’s needs.  For more information, or to schedule a complimentary consultation, please contact us at 850-386-2511.

Case Study #1

A fully ambulatory 40 year old woman went into a minor surgery and came out a double amputee below the knees.  She had an unusual reaction to the anesthetic or the position she was kept in which shut down the venous return from her lower legs.  When she began coming up from the anesthetic, she complained of pain in her lower legs and she was given additional anesthesia, without inspecting her reported pain.  When finally she was inspected, the only option was amputation of both lower legs below the knees.The result of this medical error required this woman to become a wheelchair user.  She needed to be fitted with a proper wheelchair for her capabilities, cosmetic prosthetics, taught how to transfer and accomplish any number of tasks now from a wheelchair.  Her home needed to be modified throughout for her use of a wheelchair as a Mother and Wife.  The kitchen required extensive changes to allow her to prepare meals, and care for her children.  The bathroom was modified to allow for her to carryout her own personal care and hygiene.  Additionally, a van was purchased and modified so she could drive and transport her wheelchair.  She also needed to be taught how to drive safely with two prosthetic legs.

Terry Ward performed the original assessments and wrote the recommendations for all the above mentioned modifications, products and training.  He oversaw the delivery of these products and services.

Case Study #2

A fifteen year old girl was riding in the front seat of a pick up truck when the truck was involved in an accident.  The girl was not wearing a seat belt and was thrown out of the vehicle through the windshield.  The accident caused her to be a person with paraplegia.  She had a good medical outcome and a long life was predicted for her.  With good medical care she could expect to live a normal life span and participate in life to the fullest extent.

Terry Ward responded to the plaintiff’s demands in the planning of accessibility and technology for the girl to complete high school, go on to college and have an accessible home.  There were a number of wheelchairs, manual early in her life and power later on when her strength and stamina would not be with her.  Several vehicles, at the various stages, of her life to transport her and her wheelchair was necessary and training to learn to drive using hand controls was required as part of the planning.  Rather that around the clock nursing care, independent living skills would allow for more self determination, independence and less cost for unnecessary professional skills.

Settlement was reached for approximately one-third of the original demand.

Case Study #3

A thirty year old man was playing recreational softball when he slid into third base.  This action resulted in him becoming a person with quadriplegia.  During his rehabilitation period in the hospital he died.  Blame was placed on the city offering the recreational softball for wrongful death because the city recreation department did not use break away bases.

Analyses of several types of breakaway bases were completed showing the unlikelihood of any of the existing breakaway bases successfully protecting the cervical region of the neck when a person dove into third base head first.  The breakaway bases were designed to protect ankle and leg bones, as well as connective tissue during feet first sliding.

Settlement was reached for a faction of the original demand.

Case Study #4

A military pilot of a helicopter was severely injured when his helicopter crashed.  The helicopter fell straight down with the full impact of the crash taken vertically on the survivors.  The pilot had broken leg bones, broken pelvis, several crushed vertebra as well as many damaged internal organs.  After his rehabilitation he was ambulatory with considerable pain.

His recovery required considerable modification to his home and living environment to he could continue to live his life.  For those periods when ambulation was too painful, his home was modified for wheelchair accessibility.  The bathroom needed a roll in shower and the bedroom required a special bed so a comfortable sleep could be had.  His vehicle was modified to accept a wheelchair and hand control driving.

Because now he walked with a different gait that he did before the accident special shoes, clothing technologies were recommended that allowed him to dress himself and perform his usual and necessary personal care and hygiene activities.

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