Senior Friendly Design


Most seniors what to living in their own homes for as long as is humanly possible, the nursing home is only a last resort.  Unfortunately, most homes seniors are living in were designed 30 years ago with children, family and work as the priorities.  Now the second floor, basement and the sunken living room or den are not as necessary as they were previously.  The bathtub is seldom used for a bathtub but for showering instead.  Every level change in the house is a problem rather than a unique design.

Dr. Ward works with consumers to personalize and realize the remodeling potential of their homes to create a safe and accessible living environment.  He works with builders to remodel their home with their priorities and needs foremost in mind.  And when appropriate, he works with builders and architects to design a home from the ground up to suite the needs, wants and desires of the individual or family.

Tallahassee Builders Association
Certified Aging-In-Place Specialist
Remodelers Council